About WEDDINGS of color

I have loved weddings since I was little. Not like, “loved” but loved. Borderline obsession. I bought my first magazine, The Knot, when I was 12 and spent hours and months pouring over the pages within. So, needless to say, when I was planning my own wedding for January 2018, every little detail was built from my own mind. Something I had never noticed in all my time, until I was marrying a person of color, was that every bride on every magazine cover looked just like me. Where were all the brides of color? My whole world before my husband was white; but now it was filled with color. So why wasn’t my new world represented in print just as much as my old world was? So this little idea was born.

And I get it- I’m white. It doesn’t make sense, why would a white woman start up a wedding blog for women of color? But as Ellen Pompeo said- that’s my responsibility. As a white woman in a white-privileged world; it is my responsibility to bring attention to the color in the world around me. Women are beautiful and so many of them are underrepresented because of their skin color. So whatever comes of this little blog; I hope and pray you see your beauty and gain a little wedding inspiration along the way.