Chic, Customized, and Totally Not Basic- Basic Invites

I’ve heard it said that wedding invites are the first look into a couple’s big day; they set the tone and create anticipation! Thankfully, with Basic Invite, you can create your dream invites, save the dates, website, and everything beyond. You guys. Just look at these ombre invites! How gorgeous!

Some of their raddest selections include Seal and Send Wedding Invites, and I gotta say- these are like the best invention ever! How they work is super simple; pick your favorite invite (over thirty options available), upload guests’ addresses, fold + seal with a sticker, add a stamp and send them on their way! When guests need to RSVP, all they do is rip the perforated RSVP card and send it back to you! SO EASY (and literally no reason for anyone to not RSVP which means no wild goose chases for you). Even better- when you upload your guest’s addresses they print directly onto the invite itself- no envelopes, no handwriting, no paper cuts! I literally could have saved so much time if I had known about these.

Seriously- look how many different options they have! Completely customized to however YOU want your invite- lettering, style, color; you get to pick everything! You’ll be drowning in a sea of colors with 40+ envelope colors and NINE HUNDRED (!!!) invitation sets (which can include everything from your invitation, to your menu cards, thank you cards, registry, enclosure cards, and more!) Some of my favorite things about Basic Invite though is that not only are they totally customizable to your dream; but they also offer instant previews AND custom samples. WHAT. So say you’re deciding between black + white invites or black, white + a splash of gold. Basic Invite allows you almost unlimited color options on every single aspect of the invitation (so heck, you could add the rainbow if you wanted) AND get an instant preview of what your invite will look like. Think you’re in love (again)? Send yourself one of their custom samples to see in person what your guests will receive! Once you decide you’re ready to commit, just upload your guest’s addresses in their Free Address Collection Service and save yourself the headache of adding all those addresses to your envelopes! It’s so simple; share a link with your guests, collect the addresses and get free envelope printing.

One of the things I definitely wished I had was a wedding website that matched my invites. Since I made my own invitations- I wasn’t able to match them to the site I used. With Basic Invite’s free wedding websites you can not only customize your site but you can match it to your invites! Whaaaat. I love it. You get to choose from 180 options and build your wedding website, step by step! Add wedding information, registries, hotel blocks, weather patterns, how you met, your engagement story; whatever you want because it’s YOUR site, all thanks to Basic Invite! While we’re at it, let’s not forget about their Save the Date magnets. Send your save the dates off to your guests to be hung in the place we spend a lot of time; the fridge! Every single day your guest will see it and I know when I see an invite- I get pumped for the wedding! I swear, you’ll have the most amped up guests because they’ll be looking at your magnet every day until your wedding; just getting more and more stoked!

Now the best for last! Basic Invite has a whole line of coasters for wedding favors to take home with them! Over 90 designs + no color limitations mean these coasters will fit your day to a ‘T’! These bad boys are printed with the latest later technology on 200lb matte cardstock so they will look + feel their best (just like you on your big day). Pictures, words, and colors will be perfectly crisp and clear and your guests will have the best practical gift to take home with them!

Honestly you guys- Basic Invite is the real deal! It’s literally one-stop shopping with them; you won’t need to scavenge around the internet for hours or run all around town; customize, upload, and order is now all you need to do all thanks to Basic Invite. And the best part; you can do it for every party after your wedding because they have invites for all of life. I’m gonna go plan a party now, just so I can customize + use their invitations! YAY.